Okay guys this is the first layout for my livejournal. I added everything, so now everything's online. Soon I'll start posting my icons, if you like them just leave a comment. I'm also planning to open a Shania Twain community, I'll let you know when that happens! 


Hi there! This is my first entry, it's so cool to finally have a place here on livejournal. Well I'll start introducing myself. I'm Rita and I live in the beautiful city of Rome. I'm still studying, and I'm attending a linguistic high school, where I learned how to speak French, German and of course English. I'm a HUGE fan of Shania Twain, I adore her, she's simply awesome and really means a lot to me. 
I'm gonna use this place to post all the icons that I make. If you have requests just ask me, I'll try to help you out. 
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